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TracFab All Terrain Wheelchair

Welcome to Trac Fabrication

If you are a disabled individual and have been looking for ways to improve your activity levels and mobility, an all terrain TracFab tracked wheelchair from Trac Fabrication could be your key to gaining greater independence and happiness. Our company proudly manufactures unique, all terrain TracFab tracked wheelchair
that take you places you previously couldn't go with your standard wheelchair or power scooter.

Have you been dreaming about enjoying the great outdoors again? Maybe you used to be an avid hunter or fisher, or perhaps you enjoyed a day at the beach with your family, taking in the warm sun and ocean breeze. Do you miss being able to crunch through the leaves in autumn, or traverse the snow covered woods? TracFab is committed to getting you back outdoors and enjoying life again!

Our TracFabs keep you moving in the toughest topographies without having to rely on a loved one to take you there. With two different chair models to choose from, we are confident that our company can help you achieve the type of mobility and independence you’ve been dreaming about. Trac Fabrication proudly supports our American veterans!


About Us

Founded in 2012, Trac Fabrication aims to offer all terrain TracFab tracked wheelchair and related accessories to the disabled community to help improve their mobility. David Kennedy, owner and operator of Trac Fabrication, first got the idea to create his company after a discussion with his wife, a Doctor of Physical Therapy.


Our Products

At Trac Fabrication, we currently offer two all terrain TracFab tracked wheelchair models, dubbed the TC2 and TC2S, for disabled individuals across the United States. Our chairs are different from anything you’ve ever experienced before—transferring from your normal chair to the TC2 or TC2S is incredibly easy; our chair has a very low center of gravity and track height and a suspension seat is utilized to isolate the user from vibration.


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