36” Electric

Pure Lead AGM Batteries

  • Innovative pure lead thin plate AGM technology ensures you get the most power
  • Faster recharge than conventional batteries
  • No water levels to check or terminals to clean
  • Full 4 year warranty
  • 8+ mile range
  • Large clear color LCD screen with icon-based screen controls
  • Provides fast, precise control of high power drive motors
  • Low-force joystick with proportional control
  • Optional attendant, sip and puff, chin, foot control

Powerful Precision Control

High Quality Seating

  • Moderate thigh bolsters make it easy to get in and out
  • Bolster support to minimize body shifting while driving
  • Black or tan color available
  • Adjustable seat-back recline angle
  • Standard 4 point harness
  • Optional 5 point harness

Custom Rehab Seating Is Available

 On Every TracFab Model

  • Low profile floating seat suspension
  • Floats over bumps and rough terrain
  • Fully adjustable
  • Great for spinal cord injuries
  • Added user comfort

Full Floating Seat Suspension

All Terrain Track System

  • Traverse mud, sand, snow, rocks
  • Adjustable tensioning system
  • Reinforced rubber tracks provide superior traction
  • Sealed bearings provide a low maintenance operation
  • Lower AC power consumption and operating costs

Waterproof  On-board Charger

  • 20 amp dual bank charger
  • Automatically charges, conditions and safely maintains batteries
  • Automatic storage recondition

Ease of Transfer

  • Transfer bars to aide in transfer
  • Flip-Up arm rests move out of the way for easy transferring
  • Rubber coated grab handles
  • Low seat height

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